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Cooking Hacks To Save Even Seasoned Chefs

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been cooking, there are always, always new tips you can learn along the way. They say we learn something new every day, but often, the most stubborn of cooks will find themselves on autopilot, lovingly repeating the same recipes – and mistakes – that they have done for years….

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5 Recipe Ideas for Cooking With Honey

Honey is a much more versatile ingredient than many people give it credit for, and can be used in almost anything from main courses to desserts and even some tasty drinks or cocktails. It’s a great way to add sweetness without pouring in loads of sugar, and it tastes great too. So get ready to…

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How to NOT Poison People

Have you ever had an encounter where you ate with friends, and all of you had a running stomach? It can be terrible! Such situations have been on the increase in the recent past and particularly the UK has recorded over 57,000 notifications of foods poisoning. It is highly likely that there were many others…

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