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Cooking tips for students


When going to university and moving into student halls such as Urbanest , you are likely to throw up a fair few new experiences, some which you will need to do on a regular basis such as washing or cooking (basically jobs that your mum use to do for you).  Cooking is something that’s simply avoidable. Yes, you could have takeaways every night but that’s not good for your health or your bank account.  If you are going to university this September, here are some essential cooking tips to ensure you don’t go hungry, have to live off takeaways or poison your flatmates.

Have a go at cooking before you move away

Before you make the big move, make sure you practice your cooking so you have a rough idea of how to cook before you get there. Ask your parents to show you how to do the simple stuff such as boiling an egg or making a pasta dish. You might find pasta is perfect for quick meals when at university. It’s also pretty impressive to your flatmates if you know a bit about cooking before you arrive.


Ensure you have the right equipment

You’d be surprised the difference the right cooking equipment makes when cooking a range of different meals. You don’t need to spend a fortune on kitchen equipment; there are many shops that sell inexpensive kitchen utensils that work just as good. Make sure you’ve got the kitchen staples such as pots, pan and some good kitchen knives.

Shop smart

Plan your meals for the week in advance so you know what to buy from the supermarket. It’ll keep your costs down and you won’t end up buying a load of stuff that you think you need but don’t. A good tip is to buy frozen food; it lasts longer than fresh food products and keeps in the nutrients for longer. This will save you money and time and should take some of the stress out of cooking.


Have a few ‘go-to’ meals

With your many lectures and buzzing social life, you may find that you don’t have time to cooking so it’s a good idea to have a few easy ‘go-to’ meals. Microwave meals or meals such as curry or cottage pie is nice and hearty and can be made in bulk to feed several people if you and the rest of your flatmates are off out somewhere together.

Get a toastie maker

Toastie makers are great for students. Great for lunch ideas or snacks when you get in from a night out and need something to eat to sober you up.
Get some takeaway menus.

Just in case. Let’s be honest, sometimes we just can’t be bothered to cook.

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Cooking tips for students

When going to university and moving into student halls such as Urbanest , you are likely to throw up a fair few new experiences, some which you will need to do on a regular basis such as washing or cooking (basically jobs that your mum use to do for you).  Cooking is something that’s simply…

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